The scale is not a reflection of my character

I’m one of those people who loves using a scale. I find it interesting to track over long term because I feel like it helps keep me accountable. It doesn’t bother me psychologically. That being said, I know it’s not for everyone. I can’t stress that enough. I know lots of friends, family, and clients that are terrified of it. This is OK!

The scale is not a measurement of your character.

I weigh myself 2-3 times almost every day… not because I’m concerned about my weight or that I’m trying to lose any. It is information. Period.

For the record with all the fasting and keto eating and other fitness n=1 experiments I’m trying out, I’ve lost 1.5 lbs in almost three weeks. That’s a healthy .5lb per week. I use the scale as data, nothing more. I don’t get caught up in the trap of hating myself because the number went up by two, three, four, or even five pounds in a single day. It happens all the time. also I’ve noticed in these same three weeks that my clothes are fitting better and I have more energy/focus to get things done, be it around the house or focusing on getting the podcast up and running (we are almost there).

My point is that if you are negatively affected by using a scale, then don’t use it. It is only one tool/marker of progress to use. It is not the end-all, be-all of overall fitness. If the scale doesn’t bother you (like me), then use it. Use it to help track your weight trend over time. Don’t be dissuaded by anyone who tells you you shouldn’t use it. I know for a FACT (because I  track my weight maniacally) that my scale will shift up to 5-6 lbs up or down EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. What I look for is the overall trend. Is my daily starting point in a ‘similar’ place? Is my post workout point in a ‘similar’ place. That range is where I am right now, nothing more.

The scale is not a reflection of my character.

The scale is only one of the measurement points of where I am in my journey. They are not the only measurement I use.

These are the more important measurement tools I use:

  1. How much sleep did I get last night? (How rested do I feel?)
  2. Am I fasting today? If so, do I feel good? Am I hydrated? Proper electrolytes? Salt? Magnesium? et al…
  3. Did I make good choices about nutrition today? Did I follow through on those choices? (not always 🤔 )
    3a. Did I beat myself up about not following through on those choices? Or, did I name it, claim it, and put it in a bubble and blow it away. Letting go of mis-steps and failures is important to me.

The scale is not a reflection of my character.

  1. Am I providing support and encouragement to my loved ones and trying to listen/be available for them? Did I invest in the relationships that are important to me?
  2. Did I exercise at least a little bit today? How far did I run/bike? How long did I lift? Did I work out? How do I feel afterwards?
  3. How do my clothes fit?
  4. Did I read something or do something to further my knowledge base about things I’m interested in and/or care about? Did I invest in my heart and mind? (mapping/geography, health/nutrition, education, art, practicing my guitar, star wars…)
  5. If I’m in a bad place, who can I talk to? Did I invest in building a community of friends and support to learn on, even if what I’m upset about is trivial in the long term? 

    I need more than one person to kvetch, vent, chat, debate, laugh or cry with.

It’s all interconnected.

It takes the commitment of saying to myself that I want to do this.

I want to be in control of my life… and more importantly, my future life.

I am calling out to my 80yr old self. Is he there? Listen….

I hope he’s there.

I want desperately for him to be there.

I will do what it takes to make sure of his existence so I can learn from him.

I want him be my coach.

I want him to help me learn what’s really important.

I’m fixing him in my mind’s eye and committing to listening to his advice/ coaching.

Will he tell me to dwell on my mis-steps, or will he tell me to focus on what I CAN DO today, and then tomorrow?

Will he give me the tough love I sometimes need or the gentle pick me up when I need it more? Probably.

I know what he’s going to say.

I’m listening.

I know he will push me to be just a little bit better today than I was yesterday… a little bit nicer, a little bit stronger, a little bit healthier. And then start again tomorrow.

What is one thing can I do today that will help me meet him, face to face?

I am focused. I am committed.

The scale is not a reflection of my character,

my commitment to meeting my 80 year old self, is.


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