On being “intentional”

Being intentional about breaking my fast (16.5 today) means I’m happy AND healthy.
I was in Albuquerque for 5 days this week at a conference. Sitting in each session was a little different this year than in years past because I am no longer in the classroom working with students. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to educators from around the world and made great new friends. It’s all connected, health and learning, business and relaxation, focus and longevity, happiness and life… it got me reflecting on how it’s all related directly to this idea of being intentional. My intention to be healthy directly affects my ability to be happy which in turn helps me stay focused and productive. It doesn’t solve those challenges or difficulties but helps me focus on the challenge that’s directly in front of my day. What I found while in New Mexico was that as long as I maintained my focus on intentionality, my choices stayed healthy.
Being intentional also helped me remain focused on being present at the conference. I was able to earnestly listen to how great educators connect their passion for graphic novels, water rights, video conferencing with diverse classrooms around the world, and classroom organization/process skills (learning centers).
I didn’t bother tracking my fasts because that’s the beauty of living an IF life. I have the ability to put IF aside and not have the guilt of feeling like you’ve ‘failed’ at my goals. Having a healthy relationship with food gave me power and control over my well-known addiction to sugar. I didn’t feel the pull of carbs during meals. I didn’t feel guilty for enjoying the rich local flavor and was able to get a taste for the local green vs red debate. Salsa, that is.
I woke to go for an early run and/or lift almost every day, I did suffer from some altitude sickness the second day (I went for a 5k in the morning) so… I learned a valuable lesson. Trying to exercise at 6,000 ft when not acclimated is painful. Consider it a lesson learned…. I will not being doing that again. I’ll remember I need two days to get acclimated before strenuous exercise. HYDRATE!
I chose to turn off my Zero app and it was great. No guilt. No fuss. I basically still skipped breakfast each day because it is just part of my daily routine now… except the final morning. I thoroughly enjoyed my bagel with slabs of butter on it, plus TONS of fruit… delicious!

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