The fly hunter

A way of approaching learning through the eyes of your toddler self.

peter spiegel

I’m one of the best. Truly I am. I don’t say it with a hint of hubris either. It has taken years of honing this singular skill into something efficient as it is effective.  Even when my my kids are watching intently (when a 2yr old AND a 4yr old are glued to the hunt…. You know it’s good), I make kills with single strikes. Time. After. Time… Seven, eight in a row… ask my wife, she’ll tell you it’s true. You see, I am a fly-swatting master.

My kids call me… The Fly Hunter.

I really do ‘hunt’ them. Rarely needing more than one swat to extinguish their buzzy flame from existence. Let me share with you how it’s done…

The first thing I remember as a child was discovering the thrill of the hunt. Mike and I lived in an old colonial house with many dark places for flies…

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