Nutrition as Religion

By Emory Liscord MD

Paleo, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, low fat, high fat, low carb, high carb, ketogenic, etc. …

When did nutrition become religion?

Everyone seems I think whatever solved their personal health crisis is the answer for everyone.

Emotions are high. Debates get nasty. And ultimately … no one changes his or her mind.

Arguing about nutrition (or religion) really never gets anyone anywhere.

We now know that individual genetic polymorphisms will play a huge role in what nutritional strategy works for an individual.

We are all different (Shocker).

A genetic polymorphism in vitamin B metabolism might make you feel awful on a vegan diet. A genetic condition leading to inability to create ketones would make another individual feel terrible on a ketogenic diet.

It probably has to do with our ancestors.

Inuit live off animal fat. The Tara Umara live off of corn.

Both enjoyed good health until …

The introduction of processed sugar.

Most people can at least agree on that.

I actually love the N=1 process. I love to self-experiment and I encourage others to do the same (unless you have hundreds of dollars to shell out for genetic testing)

I have personally tried it all. Vegetarian made my hair fall out. Strict Keto caused sleep issues. Eating 6 small meals a day made me constantly hungry. Eating only meat and eggs made me fantasized about spinach. Whole 30 made me socially awkward. The Standard American Diet just made me anxious, tired, and over-fat.

I feel best sticking with LCHF with lots of plants and quality animal products. That’s just me. I might change. I don’t judge myself for failing at other nutritional strategies. I don’t judge others for their decisions.

If you feel good .. go with it. If you don’t … change something.

Food is not religion

Don’t argue about it

Listen. Learn.

Try it out .. or don’t

Follow your bliss and call it a day.


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