They Are Watching

Saturday soccer and monday gymnastics

Stuffed animals, board games, train sets and video games

ABCs before breakfast

Books before bed

Travel, ski trips and play dates.

They seem immersed in their world that you have created for them.

They appear to only focus on themselves.

You are mom, dad, grammy or auntie

You think they don’t notice you apart from their own needs.

Think again.

They are watching

They watch how you treat yourself.

They watch what you eat, how you move, and how you love.

They notice when you don’t love yourself …. or others

Don’t show them the world,  show them how to live in it.

Your lifestyle choices will mostly likely become theirs.

You prioritize exercise, they will

You prioritize nutrition, they will

You prioritize sleep, they will

You prioritize compassion and social justice, they will

They are always watching.

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