Eventually anything is possible

“Don’t be afraid to fail……Be afraid not to try. I have failed time and time again. But you gotta go ahead and try again . . and eventually you’ll make it.” –Becky Piper IRONMAN 70.3 finisher

The quote is from Becky Piper at the end of this video about overcoming her personal obstacles and completing her IRONMAN race. She was paralyzed on the right side of her body after a home invasion and yet found her way to complete a 70.3 half-IRONMAN triathlon. The end of her quote struck me with a profound insight to her mindset overcoming challenges and as it related to my own path towards being healthy.

It’s the ‘eventually’ part.

I know I struggle with different parts of my diet, exercise, and mindfulness practices. Often when I feel like I’m getting better with my choices, I encounter a setback or self-inflicted sabotage to my perceived progress andI look at it as a failure. I experience it as letting myself down or, even worse, letting down people who look to me as being an example.

But I am not on a linear path but I am committed to getting there, eventually.

Eventually we will make it.
Eventually we will reach a healthy balance.
Eventually we will be intentional as second nature.
Eventually we will learn what we need to succeed.
Eventually we will make the right choices, consistently.
Eventually we will take the right actions, regularly.
Eventually we will have a new, improved, baseline of health.
Eventually we will be able to explain the science to others in a way that makes perfect sense.
Eventually we will be a role model for others to succeed.
Eventually is not instantaneously.
Eventually is not now but I can only get ‘there’ if I control this instant, the now.
The choice is now, the result is eventual.
It’s not easy.
It’s not always fun.
It’s not always a step forward.
It’s not always a step back.
It’s training my mind to think long term
It’s practicing the art of trying again.
It’s committing my decisions to only the ones that will improve the quality of my life
It’s trusting that those around me want me to succeed as much as I want to.
It’s focusing on the little things that add up to big things…over time.
It’s reflecting on my process and being honest.
It’s repeating all of it until it becomes reality.
I choose to get there, eventually.

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