I’m a podcast junkie

Longevity, bio-hacking, nutrition

TED radio hour and some Ira Glass

Sporting the perpetual ear bud

Grocery shopping, driving, running,

Doing the dishes

And then there is the ER

An up tick on volume as of late

Yelling, beeping, constant interruptions

Phone calls and side chats

Home to a 3 year old and 5 year old

Enough said.

So yesterday I ran in silence

I drove home in silence

I sat in the car in silence

Today I put my ear buds in at the gym

But never turned them on

Ditched my work out and sat in the sauna … in silence

This has never been me

Did I finally meet my sound quota?

It’s like the most glorious thing in the world right now would be to sit and stare at a wall …. in silence

I’v never had the patience for meditation

Maybe this is what all the fuss is about

Maybe I don’t need to meditate

Maybe I just need more silence


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