Bad Mood? Whats Your Fear?

In a bad mood?

It probably has to do with fear.

Maybe evaluating if that fear is founded will help your mood.

Im in a bad mood.

Planned a long run.

Stopped 1/3 of the way through it

Stomach cramps, boredom, lack of motivation and just too dam cold out

Now I’m in a bad mood and I just can’t shake it.

So what are my fears behind my bad mood? Are they founded?

Fear #1:

I have lost all motivation to be fit … ever

(This does not fit with my personality or behavior over the past two decades)

Conclusion: Fear # 1 unfounded

Fear # 2:

I will become overweight

(By missing one run? Likely not given the above reality)

Conclusion: Fear # 2 unfounded

Fear # 3:

I will not be ready for my marathon in May

(I have 3 months, Ill probably be fine)

Conclusion: Fear # 3 unfounded

Fear # 4

People will think Im lazy

(Who? No. No one cares)

Conclusion: Fear # 4unfounded

Fear # 5:

I will be in a foul mood all weekend since I don’t have time to work out

(Hmmmm …  possibly true

Conclusion: Fear # 5 unfounded as fear is contingent on prior fears which are unfounded

So … Basically I just need to get over it.




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