Mile 5

by Emory Liscord MD

The first mile is the painful.

My legs feel heavy.

Up a small incline and Im out of breath already.

My mind dreads the many miles ahead.

If mile two is so terrible , how will I run 18?

Im fearful I will fail, be in pain, or both. Why do I do this to myself?

Then I get to mile 5

Im fully engaged in my music, podcast, or an audio book.

I feel stronger. I have found my stride.

I picture myself finishing my marathon in May. That sense of accomplishment.

Yesterday we incorporated as an LLC.

I felt the same way right before we clicked “submit” on Legal Zoom.

I was fearful.

What if we fail? What if we loose money?


Mile 5.

I start to feel excitement.

I picture what our business could be. Helping people, diversifying my practice.

The sense of accomplishment.

I feel strong. We will find our stride.

Miles a head though.

Some will be painful.

Some will fly by.

Sometimes you have to push past the fear.

Sometimes you have to get to mile 5 before find your stride.



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