By Emory Liscord MD

We all have one.

What’s yours?

I see the end sequela of addiction every day.

A vented patient with COPD from decades of smoking

An infected toe needing amputation from decades of soda

But judgment usually only is palpable when ….

A patient arrives blue, bloated and apneic from a heroin overdose.

A Narcan kit cost somewhere around 10 bucks.

Lifeflight, a cardiac cath, a week hospital stay plus rehab .. over 50,000

Sure heroin is a problem

But food addiction costs us way more.

1/3 of Medicaid costs goes to treatment of TYPE II diabetes.

Add in the cost of treating

High blood pressure


Heart attack

Back pain


Until we start recognizing that food can be addictive

Health care costs will continue to rise.

Until we start to recognize that no pill with counteract a poor diet

Health span will continue to decline

We all have addictions.

Be honest.

What’s yours?

What are you going to do about it?

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