By Emory Liscord MD

I’m training for another marathon.

So, you could say, I exercise regularly

It’s part of my day.

Like brushing my teeth.

In fact, I spend a large part of my day in motion.

But when my kids want to run and play …..

It feels like so much more effort to me.

Like more effort then a 15 mile run.

Why is that?

This bothers me.

Maybe this is because Im in the routine of being a parental spectator.

Can I shift my perspective and maybe my motivation?

Today, while waiting for a table at our local breakfast spot …

I put my phone away.

Laced my sneakers.

And ….

I started sprinting up and down the sidewalk.

My five-year-old yelling “hurry”.

My two-year-old yelling “wait for me”.

Everyone laughing ….


Rosy cheeks.

This was dam good exercise.

In fact, tonight … I am legit sore.

I need to do this more.

I still need to put my miles in on my own.

Thats MY time. BUT

It just occurred to me

A child makes the best personal trainer!

Sprint with your kids, it rocks

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