Your Own Personal Protocol

By Emory Liscord MD

We use simple protocols in the ER all the time.

A checklist if you will.

It’s a start.

The bare minimum to start our work up.

The bare minimum to start our treatment.

I think we all would benefit from having our own individual protocol.

When life is overwhelming,



A one-day “Re-set”

A one-day protocol

It will be different for everyone.

Mine involves this:

A nice run outdoors

(Combines exercise and vitamin D … a winning combo)

A little time restricted feeding

(Helps with mindfulness and digestion)

A healthy satiating LCHF meal.

A little time with my family.

A little time by myself.

Early to bed

No booze

I always wake up feeling better

What’s your protocol?

Write it down. Keep it with you.

Pull it out when you feel your are “just surviving”

The thinking is already done.

Just implement!




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