By Emory Liscord MD

I hate being sick.

Obviously most people do but ,

I tend to ignore my illness.

And it makes things worse.

It started with laryngitis.

Then a fever.


And a cough.

It’s viral.

So there is nothing I can do.

I know I have a week plus of this.

Symptoms were made worse by an ER overnight shift leading to

sleep deprivation.

2 days off from working out.


Clearly I’m going to loose all my fitness.

Forget that marathon in may.

Here I am.

Wallowing in my misery.

Physicians make the worst patients.

Today is Monday.

I know I can’t run as I’m having trouble breathing.

But I naturally woke up early.

(Shift work down side)

So I did get to gym.

Walking on the track


Free weights

Then ..


And I’m okay with this.

(Okay, I’m trying to be okay with this)

I know the data on over training.

I know the data on training when your sick.

It sets you back.

I promise.

Recovery is so key.

Treat rest like a training session.

Be intentional.

Make a plan.

Follow through.

Have tea



Gentle walking


And let go of guilt.

This will help

Make you stronger / healthier.

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