Reframing Illness

by Emory Liscord MD

I don’t get sick.

Or …. at at least I don’t admit that I do (to myself or others).

This last month, there was no denying it.

Fever and a sinus infection that lead to hearing loss and vertigo.

Vertigo ….. seriously the worst.

3 weeks I was out of commission. I couldn’t hear, sleep, certainly not run.

But I learned a few things.

I learned about fear.

Fear that I would never get better.

Fear I would never hear normally again.

This is a fear my patients feel daily and I never fully understood.

I cant imagine the fear that accompanies more serious ailments.

I also learned that practicing stoicism and being healthy

are more important when you are sick.

I think it is natural to do just the opposite.

Fall into old bad habits.

Use illness as an excuse.

We all do it.

Instead we need to ask ourselves:

What can we do NOW? What can we control?

Then act.

Rest, Eat Healthy, ask for help.

We have to let go of what we cant control go.

We have to let the fear go.

These times challenge us to put into practice the lifestyle changes we have adopted.

This is when those changes matter.

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