Simply Healthy E34 – The Fear of Food Scarcity

Overcoming the Fear of Scarcity


Why do we fear scarcity when we don’t need to?

  1. Growing up told to finish our meal
  2. Told we always need a snack on hand (don’t want to be caught without a snack)
  3. Our parents, the food industry
  4. True scarcity (poverty / neglect)

The fear of scarcity with Fasting

  1. Planning a fast can induce binge prior
  2. Breaking a fast might result in binging on carb-laden poor nutritional choices.

How to get over this mentality

  1. You will not starve
  2. You are burning your fat – YAY!!
  3. You don’t HAVE TO FAST – you can always eat
  4. Don’t plan a fast just see how things go
  5. Bring a healthy snack but don’t eat it

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