Simply Healthy E35 – Nutrition is NOT Religion

Nutrition is not Religion

Your diet does not define your morality

What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another

You can eat healthy if you are vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, carnivorous, paleo etc.

The key is to …




Vegetarians eat a plant based diet.

This is health if you are eating plants

It’s’ not healthy if your eat “soy cheese” and “fake processed meat”, crackers made with

soybean oil

Just like eating nothing but processed deli meat is not healthy, eating processed soy cheese is also not healthy!

If Veggie

Avoid soy and vegetable oils

Won’t go into veggie oils – we talk about it often

Soy is estrogenic and can influence your reproductive hormones

Also very processed

Edamame might be fine.


If trying to lose weight you can still do it on veggie diet.

Try going lower carb and upping your fat

(avocado/avocado oil/coconut oil)

If higher carb trying adding in intermittent fasting / time restricted eating

Avoid processed carbs like bread / crackers / pasta

NO VEGGIE OILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to eat grains – try sprouted grains

Pay attention to how beans / grains affect you

Watch out for 5 small meals a day and calorie restriction

If doing IF calorie restriction

Consider Eating  eggs and dairy (if lacto-ovo vegetarian )

Take B12 if vegan.

Can still lose weight but might be a bit slower given higher carb

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