To Compete or Optimize?

When I reference competition, I don’t mean the podium.

I’m not that fast and never will be.

What I mean is, competing with myself.

Perfecting my own performance.

But with that, comes burn out. illness. injury.

So, then the question becomes …

Do I push myself to beat my time?

Or do I just enjoy the run?

Do I push my body to perform?

Or do I optimize my health?

It’s rare that both are possible.

Do focus on fitness longevity or do I risk injury?

There is no easy answer.

Optimizing seems the smarter choice

But then there is a psychological drive to compete.

The thrill you feel when you push yourself

When you set yourself apart.

When you brave the rain while others stay inside

I think there are benefits of feeling discomfort.

Especially in a world of convenience

A world of comfort.

Benefits of moving past pain.

Of practicing physical stoicism.

It’s a balance.

And it’s always changing.




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