Simply Health ME E43 – Listener Questions

Listener Questions

“I think it would be interesting to discuss how to handle it when your partner is not on board or there is conflict because of weight loss.  I’ve seen the question come up on several other groups about partners being discouraging or couples having issues when one has lost weight and the other hasn’t.”

  • You can’t change someone else, you only can only control how you react to the situation (stoicism)
  • Honesty in a marriage
  • Wedding vows (in sickness and in health) being unhealthy IS a sickness.
  • Re-frame the the reason you are trying to loose
  • See a therapist

“Maybe a “How to Explain or Simplify Keto/Low Carb/IF to Others for Dummies” episode???”

  • Food especially carbohydrates stimulin insulin highly and insulin blocks the break up of fat for fuel
  • High insulin is linked to most chronic disease including DM, cancer, dementia
  • I try to keep my insulin low
  • You can keep insulin low but eating a lower carbohydrate diet or giving your body a break from food for at least 14 hours a day. (time restricted eating)

“Keto. You’ve reached your goal weight. What next?”

  • 80/20 (but watch carefully – “the I deserve trap” – it creeps
  • You can’t go back to eating SAD … just mourn the loss of that way of living and move on

“I’m curious how long after exercise to wait before eating in order to get the maximum GH benefit.”

  • GH maxes at approx 36 hours of fasting but will decrease as soon as you eat.
  • Exercising in a fasted state will increase GH but it is still unclear what feeding protocol works best post workout. 
  • Too much GH is detrimental (Think body builders who got prostate cancer from injecting HGH)

“Plateaus and what to do about them….besides get frustrated!”

  • Body Set Weight
  • Just keep going. It’s not linear
  • SLEEP for goodness sake
  • Stress reduction (Cortisol resistance)
  • Mix it up with exercise
    • weight training, endurance, yoga, stress reduction, meditation
  • Mix it up with IF
    • 16:8 vs 36 vs 14 vs 24
  • Mix it up with macros (“carb cycling”)
    • When you lose weight…..
      1. BMR decreases a little (less body to run)
      2. Your leptin decreases (good and bad)
      3. Spontaneous physical activity decreases
      4. Thyroid changes
    • Carb cycling or re feeding can boost leptin and BMR
    • Read about it. Careful not to make this a regular thing
    • Do it only on heavy work out day

“When doing something like 16/8 or 18/6 fasting is there any sort of data on whether it’s better to eat two larger meals or eat/snack through the whole period?”

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