Simply Health ME E46 – Excuses

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  1. Time
    1. Not necessarily got 15-20 mins a day
    2. While watching TV
    3. Take the stairs
    4. Be simple with your food. (same thing)
      1. Avoid over complicated recipes
      2. Veggie + meat or egg + fat .
  2. Money
    1. Local farmer
    2. IF is not expensive
    3. Cut down on buying coffee/water/packaged food
    4. Work out at home, go for a walk, hike
  3. The “I deserve” Trap
    1. Find something else “you deserve”
      1. A bath, walk, new shoes, pedicure, experience
  4. No support
    1. “Find your tribe”- Seth Godin principle. There are communities online that are free.
    2. Re-Frame the conversation with your loved ones.
  5. “Its genetics”
    1. Um … yes .. but epigenetics
  6. I’m too stressed (discuss the different kinds of stress)
    1. The most important time to be healthy
    2. Can you “pause” before impulsively eating something
    3. Mindfulness
    4. Say “no”
    5. Death in the family
  7. I got injured
    1. Physical injury doesn’t mean you should start eating like shit.
  8. I tried it and it didn’t work/nothing works for me
    1. But did you really stick to the plan
      1. Did you have micro quits?

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