No Micro Quits Today

By Emory Liscord MD

I cannot take credit for the concept of a “micro quit”. I must give a huge shout out to Dr. Katrina Ubell who hosts a fantastic podcast called “Weight Loss for Busy Physicians”. As I embark on this journey to fully understand the underlying factors which are driving obesity and all the subsequent chronic diseases associated with being over weight, I am ever searching for tools which may help people on their journey to better health

One thing that I have enjoyed thoroughly in pursuing further training in the field of Obesity Medicine is that I often stumble across fantastic pearls, which are applicable to all people regardless of where they are in their health journey.

I made the decision a few months ago to run the Philadelphia Marathon in November. Today was my first long run in quite some time. As I approached the end of our local rail trail, I glanced down at my watch and realized I had only gone 16.4 miles instead of my intended 17.

I thought to myself, “My legs hurt and 16.4 is ALMOST 17 miles, I think I want lunch.”

At that moment I was reminded of a fabulous episode on Katrina’s podcast introducing the idea of a “micro quit”.

A micro quit is that moment when you make a decision (usually an impulsive one) to go off your plan (whatever that may be) just a little. It is also the subsequent justification that, this “slip up” wasn’t big enough to constitute a complete failure of your original goal. It’s the thought that these “micro quits” don’t count. We (I) have done this countless times in all aspects of my life.

Iv attempted to complete the Whole 30 countless times only to convince myself that a few sips of wine does not constitute a quit.  Two days later, I’m drinking half a bottle and eating a block of cheese. I still have never successfully completed a Whole 30 despite several attempts. The problem is that micro quits add up to one big quit.

Today, I didn’t give into my want to micro quit. I was .6 miles away from my goal. I knew that completing it would feel fantastic and not completing the full 17 miles would leave me feeling less then satisfied.

My achy legs were screaming for me to stop but I pushed on to complete my goal.

No micro quits today

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