Simply Health ME – E51 Listen Q & A Sept 10

    1. What’s your IF routine? And how do you shake it up? Do you change it up by carb cycling? Longer fasts? Shorter fasts? 
      What does Emmy Do?What does Pete Do?
      Define what fasting is
      Different types of fasts and why someone would want to do one vs. another.
      1. E.g OMAD constantly may not be good for weight loss but great for maintenance



      1. Weight loss vs cancer vs biohacking vs performance
        Define Carb Cycling
      1. Often anecdotal, possibly affects leptin, “the whoosh”, we don’t know why
      2. Maybe keeping your body guessing is the key
        Individual goals and other variables for choosing different types of fast.
  1.  I am a bit stuck, my body is bored with the food I am eating, I find I pick during my eating window and I have not been able to get past 17 hours. My question….How do I reset myself?
    1. Pete recently embarked on a reset (6 days). Talks about why it is important to say these things out loud/write them down. It makes it real. (reference Christina Ubell most recent episode where she mentions “Write it Down – Move on” worksheet.
    2. The importance of support. Online communities – be vocal. Honest conversations with loved ones at home and practice talking about it often at home. Normalize the conversation about long term health.

    1. Stalls and what to do about them. See our episode #17 – Plateaus
    2. Stop doing it completely for a month. Go high carb for a week. veggies/fruit
    3. Ideas for embarking on a reset.
  2. My wife and I are transitioning to LCHF. At the same time, we’re getting into some endurance-ish type events, like GORUCK challenges.
    The friends getting us into these races are giving us all kinds of carb based products like sport beans and tailwind. To try. Very tasty but probably not the best for someone trying to stay LCHF, right?

    What other options do we have if we’re doing a long ruck for snacks/energy? If we don’t eat something will we ‘bonk’? Will we eventually become ‘fat adapted’? If we eat the yummy beans, will we get an extra extra boost since we normally don’t eat carbs/sugars like these products?
    1. Define “Fat-Adapted”- See: Phinney and Volek
    2. Define “Bonk”
    3. Talk about metabolic flexibility and what it means to “train low-Race High”
    4. Talk about Mark Sisson, Brad Kearns and their books/podcasts

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