Simply Health ME E52 – Listener Q & A Part II

  1. I have seen a number of questions at various times regarding refueling during events. I wonder if anyone has used BHBs in this setting? Fat bombs? Electrolytes? I am training for a half marathon-8 mile has been my max run so far without so much as wAter. 
  2. How do parents who are eating Keto/LCHF deal with their kids’ eating patterns and choices, especially kids of school age and up, who are with non-keto-eating peers a lot of the time?
  • Older kids and/or adult children (and their families) and conversations on health.
  • Good chance to practice stoicism.
  • Modeling your attention to nutrition/aging, especially around grandkids.
  • Ask the kids what you can do to model their nutrition vision with grandchildren when you are visiting and/or weekends/weeks vacation.

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