Simply Health ME E59 – Reflections from OMA

Specialties coming together


“Obesity is a neurobehavioral disorder not a character flaw”, it is disease or hormonal and metabolic dysfunction

It is also at the center of most chronic diseases, thus why so many specialist were in attendance.

Everyone recognizing we (the medical community) told people to do the wrong thing for decades. We have ourselves to blame (and the food industry)

Many of these specialists were leaders in their field. Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Columbia just to name a few.

Obesity is at the center of most chronic diseases but we treat only the diseases and not the underlying metabolic pathway.

We need to treat obesity FIRST and foremost. We need to not stigmatized the word “obesity”. It’s just like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes or any other chronic relapsing disease.

Some crazy facts

Obesity with surpass smoking as the leading cause of preventable cancer

¼ of men applying to be in the army are rejected because of their weight… This is a national security issue

85 % of americans will be overweight or obese by 2020

The fat cell (adipocyte) is the largest  “gland” . it secretes hormones and changes your brain chemistry, metabolism, etc.

There is such thing as “fatty heart” like “fatty liver” which causes heart failure (fluids builds up in lungs) but people will have normal ECHO.

The key to prevent all these issues is in childhood. The food industry is making bank by selling processed food. We assume that our children are healthy because they look health but many already would have signs of metabolic disease if you were to test. Not only that, even if they dont, they probably will by early childhood.

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