Simply Health ME E61 – Mindfulness


What does mindfulness mean to Pete & Emmy

  • Intentional
  • Present
  • Inclusive

One tool to improve daily mindfulness – Journaling

What is it? The process of recording daily thoughts, feelings, activities, actions.

Why do people do it? The process is shown to activate both left and right brain thinking (analytical and creative) at the same time. Being able to record one’s thoughts and actions has been shown to increase one’s sense of self, provide insight into difficult, stressful situations, and decrease stress and anxiety.

Why don’t people journal?

  • Perceived lack of time.
  • Thinking “it just doesn’t work for me”
  • I have nothing to write about
  • I’m going to turn into a hippie
  • Trauma

It is a skill. Very few people (if any) are born with the ability to be self-reflective.

(see metacognition).

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