Simply Health ME E62 – Dementia

Three doctors/researchers you should know about in the field of Dementia

Dr. Dale Bredesen wrote “The End of Alzheimers

Professor of Neurology Easton Laboratories for Neurodegenerative Disease Research David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Richard Isaacson, M.DDirector of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian

Amy Berger who wrote the “Alzheimer’s Andidote


Alzheimer’s is the most common neurodegenerative disorder. Responsible for 60-80 percent of all dementia (cognitive decline)

There may be a predisposition (genetic component) if you carry ApoE-4. This gene increases risk 5-15%

A common one amyloid plaques (for the docs) or tau proteins.

  • They are a mediator likely NOT the cause
  • We need to stop thinking of amyloid as a target

There are also subtypes  (a mix but what is predominant)

  1. Inflammatory : assoc with overactive immune system
  • Constantly be fighting somethin
    • Chronic infection, leaky gut etc..

Atrophic : lacks proper signaling to promote synapse preservation

  • Missing necessary signaling molecules or support. E.g not enough hormones (estradiol/testosterone thyroid), vitamin D, BDNF etc. The brain “downsizes” because you cannot support the neural network you have
  • Many people have both inflammatory and atrophic. These first two are more common with APOE4

“Type 1.5”: glycolic damage (insulin resistance of the brain)

  • Toxic (possibly earlier onset)
  • Less common BUT many times if type 1 or 2, likely a bit of contributing toxic type
  • Fungal (molds), viral, bacterial, chemical
  • Often APOE4 negative individuals / younger / women
  • Trouble with executive function like calculating a tip / bills etc.
  • Often have low Triglycerides/low zinc/high copper. Not sure what this means
    • PPIs decrease absorption of zinc, copper pipes too

Even if you have the gene, if you identify this early enough, we can institute changes in our lifestyle to delay or avoid onset.

What does Dr. Breseden suggest:

  • Look at toxin burden (molds/skincare/food/food containers etc)
    • Wash after (mercury/BPA) etc comes out in sweat
    • Remove from environment PLUS sauna
    • EPA relative mold index (want less then 2)
  • 12-16  hours of daily fasting starting 3 hours before bed
    • If APOE 4 (closer to 16)
  • Reduce inflammation
    • Low carb/sleep/stress
    • Removing food intolerance
    • Heal leaky gut (inflammation is how gut is so connected to brain)
  • Mild Ketosis (his program is called Ketoflex)
    • You many be able to stop supplementing
    • Unless you lose too much weight
    • If lose weight 1-2 days of adding carbs
    • Fish works, supplements don’t
    • Avoid fish high in mercury like tuna
      • Stick to salmon, mackerel, sardines
    • 70% of calories from fat, low carb Plus fasting
    • If your starting from high carb – start with MCTS → omega 3/polyuns
    • Once you can make ketones on your own (fat adapted)

ITS NOT ABOUT ONE THING and its about changing the signaling and providing the appropriate tools (omega 3), decreasing toxins or getting rid of toxins

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