Simply Health ME E64 – Listener Questions October 29,2018

Q1: If I am competing in an anaerobic fitness event (like Strongman), how should I fuel prior to and the day of the event? I typically train fasted, but wonder if my strength suffers a bit due to heavy weightlifting being so anaerobic…

  • Still early
  • Benefits: body composition, ketones may preserve muscle mass
  • Downside: takes longer to break up fat for fuel, but via gluconeogenesis I would not think this is an issue


I just want to know how the hell to deal with indulgences without feeling guilty.

  • Wish we had this one figured out, too….
  • Mantra. Have One Mantra to return to (Pete’s is “Try to be a little bit better today than yesterday”)
  • Walk through birthday party example: “There was cake and I didn’t have willpower to say no. Then I felt guilty about the cake”
  • Don’t say “I’m never going to do that again”. 
  • Lapse, relapse, collapse. Allow yourself to “grieve” in the moment but set a timer for a few minutes. Once the time goes off, you have to close the book on that moment. It happened, it’s in the past.
  • Recognizing where the guilt is coming from.
    Is it comparison? Keto-comparison/ fasting-comparison / FB comparison / Remember that Social media is nothing more than image management.

Book: Radical Acceptance

Q3: Should people with Hashimoto Thyroid disease refrain from the ketogenic lifestyle? If not, how many grams of carbs or what % Of carbs would you suggest starting them with?

  • Emmy will tackle this one…

Q4:Is it possible for someone with a gastric sleeve to be successful on LCHF diet?

  • Pay attention to nutrient density however
  • Nutrient deficiencies and dehydration are a major problem with surgery
  • B vitamins especially. Eat your eggs 🙂
  • Eat things rich in nutrients such as quality meats

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