Simply Health ME E65 – The Holidays (2018 Edition)

Holidays can be trouble

Starts around Halloween (leftover candy)

Runs through the New Year

  • Weekly holiday parties
  • Daily treats at work
  • Family events
  • Left overs
  • 24 access to unhealthy food
  • Alcohol

Hard to “stay on plan”. Seems like everyone is trying to convince you to have that donut or piece of cake. “You’ve been soooo good”

  • People often are talking to you from a place of love and their offer of food isn’t meant to be an indictment of your new way of eating. They are simply trying to ‘be nice’
    • How do we broach the conversation with them?
    • Talking about what you are going through and asking for support is key.


What can you do?

  • Talk about it. Don’t be shy. Say your goals out loud.
  • Remind the people who are your support system why you need their help. They are there to listen and not to judge.
  • Make a plan. A plan is not, “I’m not going to have anything” dealing in absolutes is setting yourself up for failure and guilt. Frame your goals with intention and honesty.
  • Remember how far you’ve come. Motivation comes from experiencing success. Keeping your successes front and center in your mind associates those successes with a dopamine hit. What is dopamine?
  • Write things down. Your plan, your goals, journal your food choices. If you have a lot of weight to lose it can be helpful to develop some discipline by journaling.
  • Make a plan at the beginning of the day of everything you will eat. If deciding on eating a goodie, make a plan of exactly what that will be
  • Don’t eat any sugar if need be (it’s going to be different for everyone)
  • Fast.
  • Get professional help. Getting into a program before Jan can be helpful with recognizing your triggers around food and avoid a massive backstep in your progress.
  • Learn to cook alternatives that are healthy

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