Simply Health ME – E66 Time Restricted Eating revisited

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Time Restricted Feeding – Looking back at the past year

What is TRF or If? 

Why is it one of the most important lifestyle interventions for health?

  • Insulin
  • Autophagy

Different kinds of TRE/Intermittent Fasting

  • 16:8 (leangains) Martin Berkhan
  • 20:4 (warrior)
  • OMAD
  • 5:2 (calorie restriction for 2 days)
  • Fasting Mimicking Diet – Valter Longo
  • Dementia protection / baseline health: 14-16 hours a day

Probably important to stop eating 3 hours before bed

  • Circadian rhythm – Sachin Panda

Why it’s different then calorie restriction

  • Does not decrease metabolic rate
  • When insulin is low, your body “sees” its own fat
  • When you eat all day but calorie restrict / your body is blind to its own fat
  • It only sees what you eat which is calorie restricted

What “breaks a fast”?

  • Dry fast (not recommended)
  • Depends on your goals
  • If going for autophagy – stick with water
  • If going for weight loss
  • Nothing that is going to stimulate a metabolic response

What do we do?

Emmy: I try to change it up more

Pete: I also try to change it up but I’ve become so accustomed to not eating breakfast that it is rare that I do these days…

How have our thoughts changed?

Helpful Hints when starting out

  • When starting out take salt and magnesium
  • Have a buddy or person to reach out to for support
  • Read and learn about it!
  • Drink lots of water
  • Insulin causes reabsorption of salt and water from kidneys
  • When insulin is low, you lose water weight so you need to drink…Especially if exercising.

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