Simply Health ME – Cortisol

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Acute: stimulates SNS, raise your defenses


  • Increase in cortisol stimulates neuropeptide (NPY) – hunger pathway (discuss)
  • Increases insulin  and leptin resistance
  • Shifts white fat into visceral abdominal region
  • Decreases brown fat activation
    • Brown fat is the fat on babies and decreases throughout life
    • Metabolically active (converts chemical energy to heat)
    • Lots of mitochondria (why its fat)
    • Fasting makes white fat behave more like brown fat

The more fat the more cortisol (having fat is a stressor to itself)

ANOTHER vicious cycle.

Half of patients with obesity have hypercortisolism and have are normal. If high cortisol higher risk for heart disease


  • Reasonable exercise
  • Screen time
  • Just say no – JOMO (Joy of missing out)
  • meditation

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