Simply Health ME E76 – Facts we learned this week

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EmmyThe adenovirus, one of the most widely studied viruses and causes very benign sxs is linked with obesity

the virus DNA enters the adipocyte (fat cell) and increases the uptake of fat making it larger. It also causes increase (adipogenesis) in number of fat cells by a genetic mechanism.

more proof that it is not calories in and calories out

Pete“Weight on knee….

1lb of weight loss is equal to 4lbs of weight loss in the knee which is walking and it becomes amplified. The mechanics of the knee….Your center of gravity and how that applies torque into the knee is part of the reason that body weight is amplified. So it’s not just pound for pound. When patients gain a pound, it’s 4lbs for walking, 6lbs more for going up and down stairs, 8lbs more with running. It’s a significant multiplier.

There are similar multipliers for the hips and back.”

-Dr. Eric Chehab quoted in The Peter Attia Drive podcast

Emmy – Spatchcock Chicken

PeteFor every 2.2lbs (1kg) of weight you gain there is a 9% increased risk of getting diabetes. Diabetes is the leading cause of: kidney failure, blindness, non traumatic lower limb amputation, and the 7th leading cause of death in the United States in 2015.

 Emmy – CCK (cholecystokinin) is secreted by small bowel in response to FAT and PROTEIN and stomach distention. Within 15-30 minutes it makes you feel full by decreasing your stomach emptying, and stimulating the neurological pathway in the hypothalamus to make you stop eating.

GLP-1 (glucagon like peptide) is secreted by bowel in response to CARBOHYDRATES. It too makes you feel full by several mechanisms. It’s degrades much quicker. GLP-1 levels are decreased in Obesity, pre-diabetes, and diabetes. This means with obesity and diabetes you are more hungry

Pete – Peripheral metabolic effect of exercise —->Muscle produces myokines —> causes increased mitochondria (browning) of fat —> increased adiponectin —> causes increased insulin sensitivity

Emmy – Shift Workers

rotating shift workers have higher post meal glucose, insulin, and triglycerides blunted post meal ghrelin secretion (no feeling full) reduced Leptin (tells your brain your full) elevated glucose and insulin all the time elevated cortisol leading to fat gain & increase blood pressure if sleeping < 5.6 sleep/day sig reduced metabolic rate

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