Simply Health ME E77 – Emotional Eating

What is Emotional Eating?

  • Eating when you are not hungry, often with underlying emotion as a cause
  • Not always a bad thing
  • I would say most do this on a daily basis
  • Most people eat at times the
  • Common Emotions: stress, BOREDOM, sadness, happiness etc.

Boredom Worth talking about

  • We live in a society where we need to be occupied at all times (social media)
  • And we even need to be occupied WHILE engaging in social media
  • We are not present with our kids, our friends, ourselves
  • We are constantly doing something else (I would say social media and food)
  • In fact, we usually do something WHILE eating
  • When was the last time you sat down at the table by yourself with no one else, no phone, no computer and ate a meal slowly. (I don’t remember the last time I did this

What Do we Eat?

  • Not broccoli

Why We Do It

  • To distract (stress / sadness)
  • More of a dopamine hit when stressed (“book “Deep Nutrition”)
  • To augment pleasure of a situation (christmas/thanksgiving)


When do we emotionally eat (if we do)

Emmy? ALL THE DAMN TIME. My two most common emotions are boredom and stress. Stress when kids are whining / crying. Stress after shift (even driving home in car). Boredom during watching a movie or evening, If Pete is out and after kids go to be. Overnight shifts.

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