Simply Health ME E84 – End of Life

Who needs to listen to this episode


Why are we talking about this?

  • It’s something we all have stress talking about (very few of us feel comfortable bringing it up with our loved ones)
  • Equip us with the language and tools to use as we age
  • We are all aging. We actually can’t get out of this predicament…
  • So you can enjoy end of life
  • So you are not subject to treatment that you would not want
  • Its selfless
  • You take the stress away from your loved ones (I see this daily – Em)
  • Fighting families when things are not clear
  • Guilt over making the wrong decision
  • Families feeling like they are “giving up” on you and assoc guilt

How to Start

  • Ask to sit down with an agenda
  • Not during another event
  • Know what paperwork you should fill out

Advance Directive

“This is called different things in different states (e.g., living will, health care power of attorney) but, regardless of the term, this describes a legal document you use to provide guidance about what types of treatments you may want to receive in case of a future, unknown medical emergency. It also is where you say who can speak for you to make medical treatment decisions when you cannot speak for yourself (called a “surrogate”). All adults should have an advance directive.” 


“This is called different things in different states (e.g., MOLST, MOST, POST—but, regardless of the term, a POLST form is a medical order for the specific medical treatments you want during a medical emergency. POLST forms are appropriate for individuals with a serious illness or advanced frailty near the end-of-life” 

Know the language

Full Code vs DNR/DNI

  • Tell your family where this info is and give them copies
  • It’s never too early
  • It will change throughout your life


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