Simply Health ME E84 – Exercise for Fat Loss “Ditch the Cardio”



  • A Lot of misinformation out there
  • Disclaimer: whatever exercise you will do is the right exercise
  • What I discovered  by necessity – Emmy
  • The benefit of injury!

What Happens when you only do aerobic exercise?

  • The human body is smart and adapts

Studies with the Hazda

The Hadza, or Hadzabe, are an indigenous ethnic group in north-central Tanzania, living around Lake Eyasi in the central Rift Valley and in the neighboring Serengeti Plateau

“Conventional wisdom holds that physically active people burn more calories than less active people do. But studies show that traditional hunter-gatherers, who lead physically hard lives, burn the same number of calories as people with access to modern conveniences.”

  • Biggest Loser is another example
  • Why people regain weight
  • Adaptive thermogenesis

How is Resistance Training Different?

  • Counteracts the significant decrease in RMR accompanied by weight loss
  • Calculating RMR (most accurate is indirect calorimetry)
  • mifflin st jeor equation (may be off with chronic dieters)
  • Helps with passive calorie expenditure
  • NEAT does not decrease as much
  • Improves physical appearance
  • If you want definition, you have to build underlying muscle AND lose fat
  • Prevents sarcopenia in old age (maintaining function)

The findings suggest that regular exercise training, in particular resistance training, is likely to reduce body weight and improve body composition of overweight inactive people by suppressing orexigenic hormones and stimulating the anorexigenic hormones”  

Ghrelin decreased

Increased PYY

Increased GLP-1


This is actually true for vigorous aerobic activity too

“While the lifestyle of late Pleistocene hunter-gatherers was no doubt highly active as seen in foragers today, our results suggest that their daily energy requirements were likely no different than current Western populations”

If you pair strength training with the traditional cardiovascular endurance exercise in a planned program, you can create an effective symbiotic relationship”

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