Simply Health ME E87 – Travel to PaleoFX

The trouble with travel

  • Early mornings
  • Long days
  • Boredom
  • Tired
  • Poor food options in airports
  • Motion sickness (emmy)
  • Stress
  • I deserve trap

Observations this morning

  • People watching. What do we see? Obesity
  • Long lines at the Starbucks and dunkin donuts
  • First thing people seem to be eating are bagels, orange juice, Diet Coke, sugared ice coffee, et al….

What can you do?

  • A little bit of pre planning (hard boiled eggs)
  • Look for healthiest options at airport store (almonds, quest bars, RXBars, pistachios, cheese, salami, fruit, jerky, hard boiled egg) seem to be the only good option). Have to read the ingredients!!! I read the ingredients on some “kale chips”….. (potato starch, kale flour, then a whole bunch of vegetable oils in different amounts)
  • If you know you’re a bad traveler (stress) plan ahead and fast well the day before and start a fast a little earlier.
  • Just remember you’re going to pay through the nose in any airport store.

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