Simply Health ME E93 – Putting it all together

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5 Things:


  • Restricting your eating window


      1. At least 14hrs restriction of NO FOOD (even if you’re healthy)
      2. If you have t2d / neurodegenerative disorders, obesity, then extend
      3. 1,2, or 3 disparate meals during your feeling window. Do NOT snack all day long
      4. Eat during the daylight hours of the day not at night
        1. 4pm? 5pm? What does the most recent research show?
      5. Circadian Rhythm


  • What you eat. Lower your carb intake


      1. No vegetable oils
        1. Cardiovascular health issues?
        2. Read labels (most processed foods have veggie oils)
        3. Just eat real food
      2. Why have we backed away from using the terms ‘ketogenic’, ‘diet’, et al…
      3. Carbohydrate restriction
        1. Not the SAD (100-150g/day as a normal human diet as opposed to the SAD 300+g/day)
          1. Breads, pasta, crackers, et al…
        2. Carbohydrates are not necessary
          1. Stored as glycogen
          2. Can be used as instant energy
          3. Can be stored as fat
        3. Carbs are NOT a necessary macronutrient
          1. Gluconeogenesis


  • Sleep optimization/Stress management


      1. Sleep deprivation
        1. Dim lights at night
        2. Align with circadian rhythm
        3. Red LED bulbs, wear blue light blocking glasses (evolutionary relevant because of campfire light spectrum)
          1. Recent campfire in Acadia
        4. Avoid stress things
          1. Shift work
          2. Long commutes
            1. Guided meditation during commutes? What opportunities are you taking advantage of
          3. Saying no (JOMO)
          4. Toxic relationships
            1. Difficult conversations with clients “You don’t owe anyone an explanation for you health and lifestyle choices.”
          5. Stay off social media
            1. Human body has not evolved to differentiate stress


  • Resistance training


      1. Increases metabolism
      2. Increases metabolic flexibility
      3. Previous paradigm of “chronic cardio” doesn’t work.
      4. Long term weight loss/improvement in metabolic health we need to heal your metabolism first.
        1. Emmy’s working with clients, optimizing and healing metabolic health.
        2. You want to build muscle
        3. Chronic cardio loses fat AND muscle
        4. Resistance training loses fat AND BUILDS muscle
        5. Squats, deadlifts, chest presses, shoulder presses, et al
        6. Costs? Planet fitness ($10/month), get a trainer, youtube visualizations, something is better than nothing. Go SLOW! Ask questions of the bros at the gym


  • Getting outside into nature.


    1. Emmy is a hippie
    2. Being in nature allows some separation from our busy world. We evolved with nature.

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