Simply Health ME E96 Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondrial Health E96

What is the mitochondria of the cell and why is it important?

The “powerhouse of the cell”. Mitochondria are in each cell. The mitochondria take energy like glucose, fatty acids, amino acids and convert that into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which then powers your cells 

Cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs, you are organs wrapped up in skin. If you have dysfunction of your mitochondria it affects your whole body. Most chronic disease (maybe all?) have a degree of mitochondrial dysfunction which may be why many disease have fatigue as one of their many symptoms. 

How your body handles stress in the environment may be largely related to the mitochondria health. Some stressors are good and strength the mitochondria but if too much (chronic) over time that can lead to mitochondrial dysfunction i.e fatigue / disease / aging  etc. 

The more mitochondria you have and the healthier that mitochondria are the more able you are to be resilience (preventing you from disease / obesity / aging etc. )

What are some things in our environment that affect our mitochondrial health?

    • Negative environmental factors


  • Aging!!! 


      • Dec number
      • DNA mutation
      • Change of structure
      • Decrease autophagy
      • Increase in oxidative damage
        • Decrease in antioxidants
    • Not enough mitochondrial stimulation (good stress – hormesis)
    • Positive environmental factors
      • Exercise (best)
      • Cold shock therapy
      • Heat shock therapy (SAUNA) 
      • Intermittent Hypoxic Training (a type of breathing exercise)
      • Nutritional variation

More on Hormesis

Your cell is stressed. 

Transient burst of oxygen reactive species to cell. Cell’s anti-oxidant system is up regulated and gets stronger. (this is kind of like vaccinations – a little infection teaching the immune system how to fight a bigger infection)

Autophagy is increased which stimulates your cell to repair damaged and dysfunctional parts. Making the cell stronger. 

There are other pathways stimulated as well but don’t want to get into the weeds. You get the point

Hormesis leads to greater number of mitochondria and stronger mitochondria. Sometimes doubling the number in the cell. More energy – less fatigue!

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