Simply Health of Maine is a health education and advocacy group that informs individuals about improving health through lifestyle interventions. Simply Health of Maine offers educational seminars for community members and for employers on evidence-based healthy lifestyle choices. Simply Health of Maine focuses on subjects such as Weight Loss, Sleep, Mindfulness, and Exercise as it relates to Longevity and Health Span. The goal of each course is to increase quality of life and decrease the cost of healthcare to the individual and their employer.  

Emory Liscord MD

Dr Liscord is a board certified emergency medicine physician who graduated from Dartmouth Medical School and completed residency at Boston Medical Center. After several years practicing in the emergency department Dr Liscord became acutely aware that most of disease she was treating in the ER was 100 percent preventable by evidence based lifestyle intervention. Some specific interests include the role of epigenetics in disease prevention and treatment and the role of autophagy on health span. Dr Liscord’s philosophy is that when people understand the physiology behind their lifestyle choices they are more likely to be motivated to implement change.

Peter Spiegel M.Ed.

Peter is a certified personal trainer with a focus on nutrition as it relates to overall health and fitness. His experience as an educator with a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instructional Technologies has allowed him to develop programs for adults who want to educate themselves about disease prevention and treatment in addition to how minor changes in lifestyle can have dramatic long term effects on health.


We, as individuals (Peter and Emory), and on this website do not provide medical advice. We provide informational and educational materials only. We cannot guarantee that the information we share on our website, podcast, Facebook page, and in our community classes reflect the most up do date medical literature. The information on this website and in class has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should not stop your current medication, therapy, or diet without the consent of YOUR doctor.